LIMS – Laboratory Management System

A LIMS or Lab Information Management System is essentially a computer software program which solves the management, automation, and information security challenges faced by labs around the world. It is designed for small labs and research organizations.

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LIMS are designed for ease of implementation, operation and to manage the data flow in order to streamline data entry and control. Data can be input into the system through a number of systems including handheld devices.

Data Storage

The data storage system is customized according to the needs of a laboratory, the kind of data, and the level of complexity involved. There are different data storage requirements for various kinds of data such as human and biological specimens, DNA samples, molecular and nuclear structures, etc.

There are many options available to provide maximum storage capabilities for the data collected today mostly stored in large data centers with the help of high-end server facilities.

Effective LIMS

LIMS can also provide advanced data security and management. Data security is ensured through integrated physical security measures such as network access controls, firewalls, and data archiving.

An effective LIMS Laboratory Management System offers a range of services such as data integration, data management, lab workflow control, and data distribution. In addition, it is used to implement automated lab automation and data collection procedures such as laboratory workflow analysis, data log analysis, data recording and storage, data validation, data manipulation, data transformation and data analysis, and lab workflow monitoring.

Laboratory information management software is a vital component of a comprehensive information system used in clinical and research laboratories. It can improve laboratory efficiency by providing users with relevant and up-to-date patient information, along with analysis capabilities that include detailed and concise clinical information.

With the advancements in medical technology and medical laboratory software systems, it is possible to implement the highest quality systems and solutions for laboratories. The solutions that are available to offer a higher level of patient care, better clinical outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.


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