What to Consider When Planning To Move Your Business

While some people are scared of other things such as the supernatural, ghosts, spiders and snakes, almost everyone is scared of moving. If you are among those people who are scared at the thought of repositioning your IT structure and moving your office equipment, don’t worry. By preplanning and proper usage of professionals, moving shouldn’t be a scary event anymore. Apart from finding a suitable place to fit all your things, you also need something that will work for your business.

When planning to move your business you need to think about the following things.

1. Reliable internet

Before choosing a place, you need to ensure that there is a fast internet connection. With continued improvement in online communication and popular cloud technology, your new offices should have a fast and reliable internet for downloading and uploading information. By using the best IT relocation London experts, you will ensure that your business is not affected.

2. Electrical infrastructure

Have you ever watched house renovation TV shows? Have you seen old buildings being renovated into nice new offices and business buildings with established electrical connections? When you want to move, you need to think about your business’s future plans and how any development will affect its electrical infrastructure. Remember, power strips and extension cords are not the best replacements for a properly planned power infrastructure.

3. Physical transport

While this might seem easy and simple, transporting office technology equipment needs a transit protection and expertise. Ensure that there is an expert on standby to handle the disconnection and reconnection of equipment. Also, to avoid any tangle of miscellaneous cables ensure that everything is labelled well. Make sure that backups are moved separately and are up to date.

4. Emergency power

With high chances of storms, it’s increasingly becoming important to make arrangements for back up and power emergencies. If your business could be affected due to short period without power supply then it’s very important to put back up generator system to handle this.

5. Cabling and audiovisual framework

If you use a lot of video conferencing and other presentation tools then you need to have locations that are already wired so as to meet your needs. This will not only save you a lot of time and money but will also save you from any upgrades or investments.

6. Floor-plan

When it comes to wireless networks, office spaces with irregular layouts and a lot of walls may cause issues. While you may set up any space by using creative fixes and more equipment, the resulting complexity and costs may reduce the internet bandwidth.

When you finally want to move, searching for a new office can be one of the most challenging processes. Thankfully, using the services of IT relocation London team to inspect the information technology base at each location can greatly reduce the costs of later improvements and upgrades. Since preplanning is very important, you should start doing this before the move. At TeamLogic IT, we have a dedicated team of experts who will not only meet your schedule but will also ensure that you become fully operational by the time you are moving out. Do not allow the headaches of moving take over you.

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