How to have clear measures of software success

The starting point in every activity is based on having clear success determinants in place. You must have knowledge of the most suitable scenario and how you will evaluate success.

Being very specific makes it easier to gauge your level of success. For instance, in your CRM solution implementation, your success metrics might be an increase of 7% with respect to repeat purchases for the initial 120 days. Being specific is not always necessary but it good for objectivity’s sake.

1. Harmonize new software with existing software

New software integrated into your company has to be compatible with the current tools and software solutions in place. Observing compatibility will prevent cases of fragmented solutions that are not in sync with each other.

2. Appoint a person to supervise software implementation

Your company might state its commitment to undertake software implementation but organizations only take action when problems occur. To have a successful software implementation process, have a person to be in charge of the entire deployment and integration.

3. Take your time

Simultaneously implementing multiple software solutions is not practical. It might appear as a very wise move to ensure maximum use of time but it is not effective in any way. The truth of the matter is that many organizations do not have the capability to do so. Implementing just a single software solution is very demanding. Therefore, there is no way you can handle two or three at the same time no matter how hard you try.

4. Allow users to familiarize

Individual users have to be allocated enough time to familiarize with the new software. It is unreasonable to expect your employees to embrace a new resource as soon as it is implemented. Users take time to learn how to use new software hence need to be given adequate exposure through thorough training.

5. Conform to the standards of the vendors

After being briefed on the different standards and systems by a vendor, do not start thinking of how to modify them according to your interests. One danger of over customizing a new system to perform tasks it is not akin to makes it ineffective thus creating to more problems than before. You are better off conforming to the vendors’ standards more so in the initial phases.

6. Maintain excellent communication

Successful software implementation is determined by factors such as communication. Proper communication must exist between you and your employees and the organization and the vendor. Appropriate channels are vital in facilitating proper communication. When you detect communication challenges shortly after implementation, ensure the problem is solved immediately and everyone is reading from the same script.

Treat your software as a valuable investment

Believe it or not, software is an important asset. If you disregard the process of your new software implementation, you are devaluating your asset. And it is not an overstatement, it is simply the truth.

Software implementation is not a difficult process to embark on. It should neither necessitate a consultant nor use a lot of finances. Possessing some knowledge and patience accords organizations the capacity to fruitfully implement new software and accrue benefits. It all depends on whether you have a plan to guide implementation.

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