Founded on March 2011, Component Planet has evolved to become one of the best known and most trusted overclocking, and PC component review websites. At Component Planet, we have provided a large repository of PC component reviews, unique tech news, and anything tech related. We are able to maintain and expand our online tech encyclopedia with the help of an extremely dedicated team of tech enthusiasts.

Since various tech leaders launch new products almost every day, we decided to step in with detailed reviews and well-researched guides to help you sort through all these options. We committed a considerable portion of our resources in ensuring that this site remains one of the best when it comes to anything tech and tech-related. As hardcore enthusiasts we have kept our goal quite simple; we aim to bring our readers all the latest and most stimulating product reviews, detailed product guides, and up-to-date tech news to blow your mind. All the information we provide on our website is user-friendly, because we know that a little fun is essential to your wellbeing.

Ever since the first computer was commercialized, all the tech giants have been scrambling to outdo each other and gain a larger market share. The result is a rise of hundreds of brands in the market. As you probably know from experience, only a few of these products actually do what their manufacturers claim. The flooded market can be quite confusing especially when all products claim superiority. We have designed our website as a large encyclopedia that offers you valuable insight into the best products before you spend your money.

Video games take up a great portion of our free time; unfortunately, not all software or video game retailers offer refunds for disappointing products. Therefore, apart from reviewing hardware, we have dedicated a considerable portion of our resources to covering in-depth guides and reviews that specially deal with Linux and Windows software games. This will ensure that you spend your hard-earned money only on video games that are worth it.

We review components such as motherboards, video cards, water-cooling devices, heat sinks, CPUs, and any other piece of hardware that we can think of. As a community of tech geeks, hobbyists, overclockers, and enthusiasts, we simply love any topic that is related to high performance, overclocking, video gaming, and all things computer. Any computer topic can be as wide as the sky, so we simplify all the information to give you the bare facts. This will save you time, whenever you need to make quick decisions or purchases.

All new software versions and updates come with higher specs requirements. These means that you have to keep your PC at its best if you are to benefits from all the software upgrades. As you probably know from experience, not all software is what it is hyped up to be. We have seen a lot of software such as operating systems perform below our expectations. At Component Planet, we strip the product or component of all media hype and marketing PR to let you know what you are going to spend money on.

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